Our interior design projects in Italy

A journey by SOVET ITALIA through the historical architectures that have culturally marked the Italian living evolution of the last centuries. In these contexts, we want to express the aesthetic appeal of our products that have an emotional dialogue with the various places in a relationship between past and present, projected towards the future. Unique and stimulating spaces with a strong Italian artistic expressiveness, magnificent and surprising places, rich in history and culture, stylistic innovations for the whole world.

This creative process undertaken tends to relate products to architectures and reconstruct a dialogue with the spaces of the past, which for me is a way of making the architectures current by telling our story into the future.

Life in a lake

Villa Leoni

Designed on a pure volume and based on the golden section, its distinctive features are geometric rigour and functionality. The materials with which it is built, from the Moltrasina stone masonry, partly exposed and partly plastered, to the pillars and window sills made of stone from the Musso quarries, to the sloping roof protected by slabs of Valmalenco stone and the external and internal wooden window and door frames, bear witness to a careful search for materials that becomes a distinctive feature of the architecture itself.

Life in a city

Casa Gallo

Located on the top floor of Palazzo Brusarosco - Zaccaria in the historic centre of Vicenza, Casa Gallo was designed in the 1960s by the architect and designer Carlo Scarpa. Very high spatial quality and natural light are the building blocks of the project. The large central room is a sort of “square”, as Scarpa himself defined it, in which light reflects off the stone floor, creating reflections that are always new.

Life in the countryside

Villa Litta

Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta is characterized by mosaics, statues, frescoes, fountains and water features that were designed by Count Pirro I Visconti Borromeo around 1585. In the Nymphaeum, an highly evocative space with a wealth of decorations and water features, a harmony of history, art and design is created.