Design by Studio Sovet

“Kodo” comes from Japanese and means solidity. The resistance and the quality of the materials it consists of, make it the perfect complement for outdoor spaces. It can reach large sizes while maintaining its structural lightness, enriched by the wide variety of finishes offered. 

Detail of corten ceramic top
The Kodo table and Keyah chair
The Kodo table with Iroko slats and the Keyah chairs
Iroko slats detail
The Kodo table with Iroko slats and the Keyah chair
Iroko slats

The Iroko is a wood of African origin obtained from Chlorophora Excelsa and Chlorophora Regia plants. Its peculiarities make it functional and versatile for outdoor environments. Its resistance to temperature variations and stability, combined with its hardness, give this wood a truly excellent durability. As with all woods suitable for the outdoors, exposure to outdoor settings and sunlight will tend to change its natural colour over time. For this reason, periodic oiling with specific products is recommended to keep its properties intact, enhance its golden-brown colour and its unique high-value essence. It is advisable to avoid placing hot bodies or liquids on the wood and to follow the good handling practices used for indoor products. If the table is not to be used for long periods, we recommend covering it to protect it in a dry and healthy environment.

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Designed by

Studio Sovet

Studio Sovet